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Barrett Hazeltine, PhD

Barrett Hazeltine, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Brown University

A 1953 Princeton University graduate, Professor Barrett Hazeltine also holds the Master of Science in Engineering degree from Princeton and in 1963 received the Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Michigan. In 1988 he received the honorary Doctor of Science degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

He has been a member of the faculty at Brown University since 1959 where he teaches courses in management and in engineering, and also served as Associate Dean of the College. Professor Hazeltine has served as a Visiting Professor at the University of Malawi on three occasions and taught twice at the University of Zambia, helping both of these institutions develop degree programs in engineering. He also spent a year teaching at the University of Botswana.

Committed to high standards of academic achievement, Professor Hazeltine is noted for the personal concern and interest that he has for all of his students. He received the Senior Class Award for 13 consecutive years, and in 1985 it was named in his honor. Author of hundreds of articles, reports, and reviews for scholarly publications, Dr. Hazeltine also has written a textbook on electronic circuits and another on appropriate technology.
Barbara Hillier, AIA

Barbara Hillier, AIA

Principal, RMJM Hillier

Barbara Hillier is a principal at RMJM Hillier, the North American division of RMJM Group – one of the world’s largest architectural practices with 1,100 people and 17 offices across the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia. RMJM Hillier provides services in architecture, interior design, master planning, urban design, historic preservation, arts consultancy, land planning, landscape design, environmental graphics and computer visualization.

One of the firm’s leading architectural and interior designers, Barbara brings an unbridled passion for discovery to each project and engages her clients as partners on the journey. Her work is informed by a deeply felt responsibility for design as the mediator between nature and civilization where the forces of each alternatively challenge and guide the other.

Her design career spans more than 25 years of creative thought, writing and design, recognized for its excellence by juries of her peers and members of the communities in which she works. Her work on the Abbe Science Center for the Solebury School has received numerous design awards – including the highest honor from the AIA Philadelphia – and has been published extensively. She is currently working on a new gymnasium and a performing arts center for the Solebury School, as well as the award-winning Becton Dickinson Campus Center and an expansion and renovation of the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pa. She holds bachelors’ degrees from Arcadia College and Temple University and a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Friderik Vodopivec

Dr. Friderik Vodopivec

Chief Enologist, Walker Hall Estate Winery

Dr Vodopivec graduated from the University of Ljubljana’s Biotechnical Faculty in 1971 and eventually went on to complete his Doctorate degree at the same school. Further education abroad includes the Istituto professionale per l’agricoltura, in Padova, Italy.

Dr. Vodopivec has over 35 years of work experience in managerial positions as an oenologist, development manager, and Director. Over the course of his career he participated in 8 research projects and belongs to the followings memberships:

- president of the Assembly of Commerce for Viniculture and Oenology of the Republic of Slovenia, 1983-1984
- president of the Republic Commission for the Assessment of Wines at KVZ Nova Gorica, since 1995
- President of the Commission of Viticulture in Assessing of Domestic Wines - Gornja Radgona, since 1995
- Member of the International Commission for the Assessment of Wines, since 1983
- Member of the Expert Committee of the International Viticulture Fair in Ljubljana, since 1992
- Member of the Viticultural Association of the Republic of Slovenia, since 1975
- Member of the Expert Group for Senzoric Assessment of Wines
- Member of the International Association of Oenologists

Dr Vodopivec has also written several publications including 2 expert books, 36 expert reports, 6 original scientific articles, 84 expert articles, has published 6 summary of lecture articles, delivered reports on scientific research 4 times, and has participated as a lecturer at 3 scientific symposiums.
Jordan Fogle

Jordan Fogle

Chief Executive Officer, The Mint Agency

Jordan Fogle is the proprietor of The Mint Agency and Mint Events, Established in 2004, Mint has been at the forefront of Toronto's special event industry in various roles from event management to live on-stage performance. Jordan has been a sensation in North American marketing, events and production business for more than a decade. He has been featured in many publications, and plays an active role educating his peers through seminars and guest speaker appearances. Jordan is also the co-founder and proprietor of Lobby bar and lounge located in the heart of Yorkville.